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Supporting #WomenOnTheRise

Aviatra Accelerators was founded in 2010 to provide capital investment to women-owned startups. What began as a small non-profit with humble operations in Cincinnati has now turned into an established multi-state accelerator offering education, coaching, mentoring, and networking, in addition to preparing women to access capital.

While a lot has changed in the past ten years, our founders’ soaring spirit of innovation, courage, and success has remained unchanged. We continue to exist to empower female entrepreneurs and have served over 2,500 women who have started and sustained businesses in almost every industry. Together, we’ve created more than 15,000 jobs, accessed millions of dollars in funding, and generated a cumulative total of earned revenues crossing the $1 billion mark. However, what we’re most proud of, is that 80% of our women have launched and stayed in business for at least five years after exiting our cohort model.

Our impact has been significant and rewarding, but we haven’t done it alone. Thanks to the loyalty, expertise, and dedication of our partners, staff, alumnae, and volunteers, we truly have made our mark in this space.