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We Exist to Empower Female Entrepreneurs

From ideation to exit, and everything in between, Aviatra Accelerators is the go-to resource for women business owners. Our nonprofit enables female entrepreneurs to start and sustain businesses through a supportive community, education, and access to capital.

If you're a woman with a business, or have a business idea, we can help you. You and your business are unique, that's why we don't have a one-size-fits-all approach. We offer three different programs tailored to meet your needs. Each phase addresses the most critical education, best practices and guidance needed to support the business as it moves from idea stage, to launch to growth stage. Each class is taught by successful business owners and professionals from the local community who have in-depth experience in their fields.

From its inception in 2010, Aviatra's effectiveness has been proven as it rapidly has grown to serve over 1,500 women throughout Ohio and Northern Kentucky, and help secure nearly $850,000 in low-interest loans. Our women have received over $6 million in follow-on funding and have generated over $101 million in sales revenue upon completion of our program.

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